What's Subtle Activism, Teeniatrics® and "Medically Adult-ish"™ Resources?

One of the biggest elements of InvisiYouth Charity’s uniqueness in it’s mission is to use activism, the spotlight we create, and our interactive resources to establish the true teeniatrics® and “medically adult-ish™” voice, and the education on changes that need to be made to improve the daily life experience through subtle activism. Whether you’re utilizing our resources or supporting our campaigns, everyone will hear those three terms in InvisiYouth. 

So what are they all about?

Subtle Activism, Teeniatrics® and “Medically Adult-ish™” are all vital to InvisiYouth’s mission and ideology, along with the demographic we support and type of resources/programs we provide. Want to learn the inner secrets that make InvisiYouth’s mission and resources so unique and beneficial for young adults living with chronic illness/disability to live successful and joyful lives? Get the details below. 

What is subtle activism ?

When you hear InvisiYouth talk about “subtle activism” we’re referring to our methodology of how we do our campaigns and design our resources.  There is so much activism and sharing of your platform in loud ways, or feeling so nervous to share your thoughts or needs that you don’t wanna vocalize them.  We’re major supporters of every young person feeling confident in the way they support causes like InvisiYouth, so we steer everything into “subtle activism.”

Think of our work, our campaigns and our InvisiYouth Charity Shop, as the coffee cup left behind in the Game of Thrones episode! 

It’s something that sparks curiosity and makes you wonder “what does that mean?” Like when you wear one of our Subtle Activist Color-Block bracelets, or take part in a social media campaign, it’s not ‘in your face’ activism, but sparking curiosity to get the conversation started. You can make a statement without being too loud. InvisiYouth is here for all the introverts and ally supporters that want to support our cause, and will instill curiosity in people. We will define all activism projects and resources as ‘subtle activism’ meaning InvisiYouth will weld soft power and allow you to make small waves of change through merchandise, activism tools and campaigns that will lead with curiosity. 

Do you spy two moments of subtle activism on founder Dominique? Hint: one is on her wrist!

Spill the tea on teeniatrics®

InvisiYouth's first trademark has a special origin and important role in categorizing our valuable demographic

" The age group between pediatric and adult healthcare. This in-between grouping, often too old for the teddy bear hospital gowns but too young to be required to do health insurance paperwork solo, are defined by their tenacity, youthful maturity and unique perspective on finding themselves while living with chronic illness/disability etc. "

Watch our teeniatrics® young people and resources in action on our video podcast, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions below.
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Our educational resources get the upgrade with InvisiYouth's innovation, aiming to empower young people to improve daily life with tangible advice for population. And here's who we work to assist:

Define "medically adult-ish"™ for me, please?

Synonymous with teeniatrics®, our "medically adult-ish™" services provide not only emotionally and socially supportive resources to teens and young adults living with chronic illnesses/disabilities, but also aim to meet the needs and improve the educational, mental, and social quality of life for this population in order for each individual to live well-rounded, joyful and successful lives. InvisiYouth's "medically adult-ish™" educational programs and resources allow these same "medically adult-ish™" young people to be independent in building a manual-style world of materials, resources, and opportunities of involvement on how to live in and out of medical treatment, so they can always thrive, be joyful and NEVER wait for a cure or recovery.