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InvisiYouth Celebrates Nine Years of Service with a Major Announcement

June 10, 2024


9 years of empowerment and badass personal growth! 9 years of digital resources to improve all aspects of life! 9 years of honing in on enhancing the non-medical aspects of life! 9 years of fundraising in mini and fun ways! 9 years of being invincible and never invincible

In honor of hitting our 9th Birthday (and all the gratitude we feel for each donor, supporter, and community member), we have a major surprise we’re gonna give you a little tease! We are planning on adding a new item to the InvisiYouth Charity Shop before the end of the year, so stayed tuned as we drop details for the fall!

Can you guess what might be coming into InvisiYouth Charity Shop and joining our Subtle Activist Color Block bracelets? Keep up with our Instagram for the official announcement later this year! Or you can look at our Instagram page to see the reel highlighting some of our best moments in the past nine years!

Thank you for nine years, thank you to our founder and executive director Dominique Viel, for creating this amazing nonprofit, and here’s to many more years in our future!

If you want to support our nonprofit, you can donate, shop on our InvisiYouth Charity Shop exclusively on Etsy, or Click our Shops that Give Back page to see how a free email sign up can donate to InvisiYouth!

Mourning the Loss of InvisiYouth’s friend, the incredible philanthropist, author, executive producer and cystic fibrosis activist, Travis Flores

May 25, 2024

We are heartbroken at the loss of one of InvisiYouth Charity’s longest supporters, and one of founder Dominique’s dearest friends, Travis Flores. He was one of the kindest, most compassionate, intelligent and brightest lights in the philanthropy community, and lived his life with cystic fibrosis with such passion and zest for life. He created a unique lane for himself being an award-winning children’s book author, executive producer and activist and reached so many accolades in his life.

Travis was featured on Season 4 of The CW’s My Last Days, created by Jane the Virgin star and Five Feet Apart director, Justin Baldoni, and opened up about his coming out story to his amazing husband.  He used his large social media platform, the #YellowHeartSquad as his fanbase, to also document his journey to have three double lung transplants, and how he always was so resilient to continue to be a truly brave warrior.

With InvisiYouth, Travis was our first returning special guest on our popular video podcast chat show, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions. He was a stellar guest on Season 1 Episode 7, and returned again for Season 2 Episode 25. Please feel free to watch or listen to these episodes to celebrate Travis’ life and get to learn even more about his beautiful personality, humor and talented work.

On a personal note, Travis was a longtime friend of founder Dominique. They shared so many laughs, deep conversations, and a passion to use their experiences to give back to others, while sharing that support with each other. 

Founder Dominique stated, “This is one of the most challenging and heartbreaking moments. Thank you for being my friend for all these years, Travis. I will forever be thankful our paths crossed, and we’ve been able to support each other, work together, and laugh together. I’ll miss you always and continue supporting you and keeping you in my heart and memories. Please know that I will always be here to support and send love to your husband, and your family. You’re an amazing and talented person, a beautiful and witty soul, and a remarkable friend. I will forever miss you, and love you lots, my friend.”

We know Dominique and all of the InvisiYouth team will forever miss Travis, and continue to support his loved ones. We will be keeping Travis’ legacy and passions in our hearts, and be also top of our minds as we continue our work and mission so his legacy lives on. We love you, Travis, and will always be here, thinking of you.

InvisiYouth Announces its Second Annual Donation Match Campaign, and the Two Ways People Can Double their Impact

December 4, 2023

Last week was Giving Tuesday and InvisiYouth Charity was able to announce the simple way people can help keep InvisiYouth and its free resources going in 2024!

One of our private board members will be matching every single donation to InvisiYouth, AND making a donation to match every purchase of our Subtle Activist Color-Block bracelets, and we’re super grateful!


InvisiYouth provides our monthly resources and programming all year long for FREE for deserving teens and young adults living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. It’s our mission to empower them in all the non-medical aspects of their lives so they can adapt to thrive with any health struggles, so they need that mental wellbeing and life-approach strategies so they can find success and joy for themselves in daily living!

But we need YOUR HELP to continue doing this! And it just got TWICE as easy to make an impact!

If you donate to InvisiYouth (or buy one of our bracelets at the InvisiYouth Charity Shop) you’re supporting a great cause and every donation AND every bracelet sale is matched with a donation directly to InvisiYouth Charity! And 100% of every cent donated will directly go positively impacting the lives of young adults living with chronic illness and disability!

Please DONATE at invisiyouthcharity.com/donate our buy a bracelet on our Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/shop/invisiyouthcharity by News Years Eve!

InvisiYouth Earns Top-Rated Nonprofit Status with GreatNonprofits for the 7th Year

November 7, 2023

We are proud to say InvisiYouth Charity has earned Top-Rated Nonprofit Status for another year.
GreatNonprofits is a 501 registered non-profit organization based in the United States with a website where donors, volunteers, and clients to review and share their personal experiences with charitable organizations, essentially providing crowdsourced information about the reputability of these organizations.”

To have your continued support in 2023 means so much as we have hit our stride in the beneficial resources and impactful programs InvisiYouth provides to our InvisiYouth Galaxy Community of teens/young adults living with chronic illness.
    1. InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: video podcast chat show
    2. IYCS: Audio Flash Files
    3. InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary
    4. InvisiYouth’s Digital Life Guidesheets
    5. Galaxy Hub by InvisiYouth, newsletter

Special shout out to those that help out in big and small ways to give back and make a difference in our mission with our InvisiYouth Freestyle Volunteers and it’s two divisions : “Medically Adult-ish™” Division and Healthcare Students & Professionals Division

We truly are humbled by all the love and support that each and every one of you give to us throughout the year. By your support, donations, shares of our platform, and involvement in all our advocacy, resources and campaigns, we are able to reach thousands of young adults around the world, and provide an outlet of empowerment to thrive with health struggles and NEVER wait for a cure/recovery in order to live life fully.

If you want to fundraise, volunteer, donate, or join our #InvisiYouthGalaxy community in any way, contact us! Again, we have so much gratitude for this and thank you!

#ShowMyStarChallenge Starts Today and it’s InvisiYouth’s Fundraising Activism Campaign

September 18, 2023

Announcing InvisiYouth’s fundraising activism challenge in honor of InvisiYouth raising awareness on its community, InvisiYouth Galaxy!

September 18th-30th YOU can raise awareness and funds with #ShowMyStarChallenge!

We wanna challenge our community, their support networks and the general public to get creative and fundraise in an affordable way so we can showcase the uniqueness and power in numbers the young adult chronic illness and disability community has when they are empowered to show their power. 

Here are the Four Easy Steps: 

1️⃣Take a photo/video of a star you’ve found or drawn

2️⃣Share on social (IG Story, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with #ShowMyStarChallenge and tag @invisiyouth

3️⃣Donate $1/£1 on our website (www.invisiyouthcharity.com ) or sign up for our free newsletter, #GalaxyHub (www.linktr.ee/invisiyouth ) if you can’t donate

4️⃣Challenge 3 friends to take the #ShowMyStarChallenge next!

We wanna share how unique, empowered and special this awesome community is, while also raising awareness and funds for InvisiYouth’s free resources and programs for the chronic illness/disability community.

The Galaxy is the brain-child of founder Dominique! She believes like every star has its own unique fingerprint in one galaxy, InvisiYouth knows each young person has a unique experience with their own chronic illness/disability, while being part of one giant community. Hence…InvisiYouth celebrates that uniqueness within our community #InvisiYouthGalaxy!)

You are EACH as unique as a star, even when you have similar diagnoses, your experience and life with your illness/disability is unique to you. But, you are part of this wide, diverse, badass rebel-game-changer community of young people with chronic illness and disability. A unique star in a powerfully supportive galaxy, InvisiYouth Galaxy!

That’s why we need YOU to each take part and challenge others to do the #ShowMyStarChallenge! Raise awareness and funds in a fun, affordable way by taking the challenge and having your support network do it too!

Join in TODAY!

Founder Dominique featured as a guest blogger for our new nonprofit partners, Ryan's Case for Smiles and their digital resource, Coping Space

June 24, 2023

*updated on October 23rd, 2023

In the news alert! Founder Dominique is the most recent guest blogger for our new nonprofit partner Ryan’s Case for Smiles. 

She got to drop articles focused on the transition period between pediatric and adult healthcare, and giving advice for all of our wonderful caregivers and the young adults. 

She chats about a range of topics including redefining independence, how to begin the evolution towards adult healthcare as young people age, ways to move through communication bloggers between young adults and their caregivers/parental figures, and so much more.

The guest blog were featured on Ryan’s Case for Smiles digital resource called Coping Space. This is the online resource nad support site that offers coping strategies and tips related to a child’s life-changing illness or disability or injury to assist both children and their families in dealing with the stresses of the experience of the trauma of youth illness or injury.

Her second blog post with RCFS was released on October 21st, titled, “How to Help Teens Transition to Adult Healthcare” and gives all the levels of tips, advice and communication techniques to help your teens harness their independence while allowing families and caregivers to stay involved. 

Make sure you check out this blog today! Give it a read and share, write a comment and support InvisiYouth and Coping Space! Thank you to Ryan’s Case for Smiles and the Coping Space team for having Dominique! 

InvisiYouth Launches its New Website Design to Match the Redevelopment of InvisiYouth 2.0 Programming

March 23, 2023

New InvisiYouth 2.0, New Website, New Home!

InvisiYouth’s website got a redesign and a major upgrade! That’s right…welcome to our new digital home. And if you are reading this article, that means you have found our new website, so welcome to our new digital home!

All 2022, you’ve seen InvisiYouth redesign programs, add new resources to our roster, and now it’s time for our nonprofit to have a new home to put all our resources and activism in one place that’s easy to use, fun to go to, and just plain attractive.

A massive thank you to our website team at IQNection for taking our dreams of the new visual direction of InvisiYouth and turning it into life!  They have been a massive supporter of InvisiYouth Charity for over six years, and we’re proud they were the support to help take our vision for InvisiYouth 2.0 and turn it into this incredible website. They are the best!

Our mission and heart are still the same, we just got a way more sleek and vibrant way of bringing our resources and activism to all the deserving young people living with chronic illness and disability in the world.

Season Five of InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Video Podcast Chat Show and the New Round of Audio Flash Files Starts this month

February 10, 2023

Jumping right back into the swing of virtual programming with an all new season of our popular series, #InvisiYouthChatSessions: A Video Podcast Chat Show!

Settling in for Season 5, there are going to be some major upgrades to our virtual program, but we’ll be keeping lots of the same so that classic feel will still remain. It’s our fusion of entertainment and education with this monthly video podcast series!

Why Subscribe to Season 5:

  1. Season 5 is STACKED with special guests that you’re gonna learn so much life advice, funny stories, and major empowerment tips.
  2. We’ve got upgrades to our set and mics, so you’re gonna hear host Dominique way clearer, and have a pretty set to look at (if you watch the YouTube show)
    We’re doing snappier takes on our returning segments, so taking the old and giving them a refresh you’ll love.
  3. Brand new humor and structure of our chat show you’ll wanna check out each month, PLUS even our other show on InvisiYouth Chat Sessions will be getting an upgrade!

And for Audio Flash Files, the other show on our podcast, we’re giving you a theme this year! Each AFF is packed with personal growth you can take into so many different relationships and dynamics in your life as you live with chronic illness/disability!

InvisiYouth is acting like the communication mediator in this set of Audio Flash Files! Let’s be real: when you’re a young person living with a chronic illness or disability, it can be challenging to communicate with people in our lives and feel that we’re being heard and understood. So each Audio Flash File will focus on a new dynamic, and break it down for you how our mediator skills can be interpreted to fit your life and needs so you can thrive