A portion of how InvisiYouth fuses together our activism, leadership, and volunteer programs is through our new merch store, exclusively on Etsy! The InvisiYouth Charity SHOP is all about merch that gives back while adding some activism into your life with subtly.

There are three exciting elements to the Shop:

  1. 100% of sales goes directly towards InvisiYouth’s FREE “medically adult-ish”® programs and resources. So with every purchase, you’re making a direct donation that directly impacts the young adult chronic illness/disability community.
  2. Each item in our store will fall into our subtle activism branding so you can make a statement without being too loud. This is for all the introverts and ally supporters that want to support our cause, and will instill curiosity in people. So when someone asks about your item, you can tell them about InvisiYouth and the teen/YA chronic illness/disability community.
  3. These bracelets are handmade and adjustable, and made in InvisiYouth Charity’s signature grey-yellow color combination with a sliding knot. They’re gender-neutral, minimalist bracelets that can add a pop or color to your outfits with two-textured materials. And EVERY item is made and/or packaged by young adults living with chronic illnesses and/or disability in the community!

InvisiYouth’s Subtle Activist Color-Block Bracelet