Collaborate With Us

There are lots of ways to collaborate with InvisiYouth!

There’s lots of ways to collaborate with InvisiYouth. These are just a few of the many suggestions to spark your curiosity if you want to give back and pay it forward to our nonprofit and its community!

Looking to be a sponsor for our popular podcast series, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions?

When you’re a charitable sponsor to InvisiYouth Charity, you get to have a commercial designed for our podcast series for our thousands of listeners to learn all about your work.

Looking for a guest speaker, podcast guest or panelist?

Founder Dominique is experienced in all types of topics and both in person and virtual speaking engagements.  You can learn more about her areas of expertise and past interviews on the “Founder’s Story” tab.

Feel like you wanna volunteer without all the rules?

We got you! Sign up for our InvisiYouth Freestyle Volunteer Program for free today. You’ll join our email listing to get exclusive access to our mini-volunteer tasks and projects you can sign up to do when you have time.

Wanna create your own fundraiser?

We are happy to make your thoughts a reality. We even have the InvisiYouth Micro-Fundraiser Ideas List available to get inspired by our ever-growing fundraiser projects.

How about helping to support our activism campaign?

We’re interested in working with you and bringing our international and diverse community to your population. Our activism campaigns are driven virtually so with your social media support, you can align in a big way to give back to these deserving young people.

Want your business, personal brand or company to support our nonprofit and give back?

Your shop can donate through sales, you can create campaigns that partner up with InvisiYouth for marketing, and allow your brand to align with our nonprofit to pay it forward and grow your audience too.

Have a topic you feel needs to get covered in InvisiYouth's resources?

Drop a DM on Instagram or fill out the InvisiYouth contact us form on our website with your idea and we might give the InvisiYouth touch to life-improving advice and personal development.

Looking to support InvisiYouth on your phone or laptop with a few simple clicks?

Well, that’s easy! You can always write a quick, positive review about our podcast series, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions, on any podcast platform or YouTube. Plus, drop a 5 stars or thumbs up on new episodes helps out in a big way.

We are open to all suggestions and learning about the types of collaborations you, or your business/ organization are interested in doing.

Drop us an email and someone from the InvisiYouth team will get back to you soon.