Most non-newsletter kind of newsletter that'll fulfill all your life-improving, non-medical needs while also adding you to a community embracing badass-ness, kindness, realness and all that makes you and your chronic illness/disability unique.

The Galaxy Hub by InvisiYouth, our monthly interactive newsletter, is a place to shop (for free!) for all the resources and and motivation you need like: 

  • InvisiYouth’s four monthly digital resources
  • latest podcast episodes from InvisiYouth Chat Sessions
  • volunteer opportunities
  • social media challenges
  • InvisiYouth Shop additions or stores with exclusive discount codes donating proceeds to InvisiYouth
  • activism campaigns
  • and so much more!

Everyone living with a chronic illness or disability as a young person is unique, and their health manifests differently just like the fingerprint or a star. So when you sign up for our newsletter, you are keeping your unique star-like brightness while joining our community galaxy. 

You automatically join the InvisiYouth Galaxy Community when you sign up for the Galaxy Hub by InvisiYouth, so click the link below and become part of this flexible community that’ll empower your daily life AND support our nonprofit!