Get the most chill life advice and creative mindsets that'll provide tools to improve your success and joy in daily life in under 20 minutes on every podcast episode.

With Audio Flash Files (an additional episode to our podcast show, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions/IYCS) we provide monthly personal development tips and groundbreaking mindsets that’ll fuel your success and joy in all elements that are part of living life, and you’ll feel connected to this community while embracing your independence just by listening to each episode. With the focus on providing real, tangible advice anyone can interpret so they can build up the non-medical aspects of their lives, the Audio Flash Files are aimed at providing tools in a fun yet soothing manner that’s. Hosted by founder Dominique, Audio Flash Files proves there’s so many ways you can adapt to excel, especially as a young person discovering themselves while living with chronic illness/disability.

Let’s demystify the ways you can live life that aren’t the ‘cookie cutter’ mold of what it means to be successful and happy while living with chronic illness/disability as a young adult.

Every addition in InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Audio Flash Files, will correspond to that month’s InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary and InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets.

It’s About Following the Lead Taste Tester to feel Carefree Joy When Dating

Audio Flash Files #20
Podcast Episode 80

How to Have Honest Self-Talks that Boost Your Personal Outlook”

Audio Flash Files #19
Podcast Episode 79

When Family Gatherings Get Heated, Drop Ice to Make a Chat Simmer

Audio Flash Files #18
Podcast Episode 77

All About the Slow Burn When Talking with People in Positions of Power

Audio Flash Files #17
Podcast Episode 75

Take an Inner Litmus Test When Responding to General Public Curiosity

Audio Flash Files #16
Podcast Episode 73

Make the Comments and DMs a Better Place with all Those Online People

Audio Flash Files #15
Podcast Episode 71

Compromise How You Give and Receive with Coworkers & Classmates

Audio Flash Files #14
Podcast Episode 69

Be Like Hermes: Best Messenger for Talks with Doctors & Nurses

Audio Flash Files #13
Podcast Episode 67

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