In•vis•i•Youth Gal•ax•y Glos•sa•ry

A dictionary filled with the practical advice to improve your daily living and take adapting to excel the the next level.

InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary provides our defining-tools, theories, methods and terminology young people need to improve daily life while being interpretive enough to fit the unique way each young person lives with their chronic illness and disability.

This monthly resource allows for a quick tool you can always access, save, and download when you’re looking for mindsets and advice on improving your daily life while living with any chronic illness/disability in any type of life situation. There’s countless ways to live life, but at InvisiYouth, we want to provide tools you can interpret into the way you want to thrive and succeed. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ mentality at InvisiYouth, so you can fall anywhere on our spectrum, and even just reaffirm your beliefs by learning about each mind-opening glossary addition!

Every addition in InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary will be updated BELOW our website to view or download, OR in our Instagram highlights. It will also be featured in that month’s IYCS: Audio Flash Files, and IY Digital Life Guidesheets, and you can go to our Instagram to get all the updates at once.

Get the FULL glossary! Download PDF version here.