Our volunteer program has a simple formula!

All it takes is a quick sign up for InvisiYouth Freestyle Volunteers email listing with all the different available projects. If you’re available and/or have interest in helping our nonprofit with one/more of the volunteer tasks, select those and submit your form. If you’re not available, unwell, and/or don’t have interest in the tasks, you can skip that month and not answer the volunteer form. There’s always the next month and next email listing! You can sign up for any sort of project or task that can take from 5 minutes to a full-blown fundraiser, it’s all up to you. Here’s some examples:

  • social media sharing
  • fundraising
  • podcast promotion
  • activism campaigns
  • social media challenges
  • program surveys and development
  • outreach support
  • assisting with InvisiYouth Charity Shop
  • and so much more!

An InvisiYouth team member will reach out if we have available volunteer slots for that task(s). If we’re filled up, you will not hear back from us, as it’s a first-come-first-serve style of volunteer. And if there’s no availability at the time, definitely fill our the volunteer form the following month! It’s that easy, trust us!

We send monthly emails with our quick volunteer support listings, allowing all volunteers to engage in social media support, podcast support, and outreach! And as of 2024, we now send bi-monthly email listing forms along with those emails which include our more detailed listing of projects we would love to volunteers to fill out and see if we have slots available to get them involved!

Healthcare Students and Professionals Division

This division of our volunteers is for all those in the professional healthcare community–whether still in school, in your internship/residency, or in the workplace– and you wanna add some diversity to your resume and learn more about a larger patient demographic of teens and young adults.

Sign up for FREE today and get access to our volunteer projects, or opportunities to utilize InvisiYouth resources in your coursework. You select based on your interests, free time and how you feel. This is a boost to the resume, educates you on an important patient group, and lets you volunteer remotely, virtually, and with your flexibility! 

"Medically Adult-ish"® Division

If you’re part of the chronic illness, disability, mental health community of young people OR you’re part of the support network, family/friends, our allies and the general public, this division.

Sign up for FREE today and get access to our volunteer projects and you select based on your interests, free time and how you feel. There’s no monthly hours quota or fundraising cap, whatever you can, without any of the pressure. If you’re available and interested in a task, sign up for it (and if InvisiYouth has available slots, we’ll email you back to get you volunteering). And if you’re not feeling well or too busy, that’s okay too and just skip that month’s email listing and wait till the next to hopefully sign up.