InvisiYouth Galaxy Community

The Galaxy is Everywhere...Literally

1 billion people in the world live with a disability and millennials and GenZs make up the largest sector of the population. That means you can find someone that should beam up to our Galaxy Community ANYWHERE. Level up in your life by joining the Galaxy Hub for young people wanting all the life-improving and rebel-game changing resources and projects in your "medically adult-ish"® chronic illness/disability life.

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You’ll gain exclusive access to our new resources, new merch, fun campaigns, activism that’s swift and subtle, & so much more.

Why does InvisiYouth call our community the Galaxy? Simple: everyone with a chronic illness or disability has a unique experience and manifestation of it in their life and body. Even the same diagnosis doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experiences as others.  So we allow everyone to embrace the unique star they are while also getting support and representation within our all-encompassing galaxy that houses all your badass, shining glory. Like every star is unique and empowered while being part of one galaxy, InvisiYouth is a firm believer that every teen or young adult living with chronic illness or disability has a unique and empowered experience with their health while being part of the wide and diverse chronic illness/disability community. Hence our community’s name…InvisiYouth Galaxy!

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Where in the world is the InvisiYouth Galaxy Community?  Check our map and see for yourself! And if you don’t see your country represented, let us know and we’ll add your country to our growing map!