Another Addition to InvisiYouth's 2.0 Relaunch in Digital Resources with it's audio program, IYCS: Audio Flash Files​

April 15, 2022​

Introducing an audio program to our new slate of our virtual programming with our digital resources, it’s InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Audio Flash Files!

Get the most chill life advice and creative mindsets that’ll provide tools to improve your success and joy in daily life in under 20 minutes. Our new audio resource is adding an additional episode to our podcast program, so now we’ll have TWO monthly #InvisiYouthChatSessions episodes with our #videopodcast chat show and audio podcast.

Gaining tools that are all about improving how you can live your daily life is key, because there’s so many ways you can adapt to excel, especially as a young person discovering themselves while living with chronic illness/disability. And we often learn best when hearing from others’ life stories too, so with Audio Flash Files, we’ll be giving monthly top tips and groundbreaking mindsets that’ll fuel your success and joy in all elements that are part of living life, that’ll make you feel connected to this community while embracing your independence.

Let’s demystify the ways you can live life that aren’t the ‘cookie cutter’ mold of what it means to be successful and happy while living with chronic illness/disability as a young adult.

And let’s embrace some real life, real tangible advice you can interpret so you can build up the non-medical aspects of your life!

Plus, our Audio Flash Files (launching end of the month!) will be connected to InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary, AND another NEW PROGRAM also launching at the start of next month!! Stay tuned!