Beauty Brand I'm 4 Love Does Donation Match Through End of 2022 in Support of InvisiYouth's Fundraiser Campaign

November 29, 2022

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InvisiYouth’s charitable sponsor, I’m 4 Love, has graciously agreed to match donations to our nonprofit, starting on Giving Tuesday and ending on New Years Eve! That’s right, any donation to our organization will be doubled, so anyone can make twice the difference this holiday season!

I’m 4 Love–a new vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand with a message of discovering inner joy and beauty through their mission–has been supporting InvisiYouth Charity for over three years, and will be leading our match donation campaign by matching the first $400 of donations!

There’s two things that are noteworthy: the first is learning the TWO WAYS you can donate and give back. And the second is remembering WHY your donations hold so much direct impact and value!

Firstly, you can support InvisiYouth by donating directly on our website (just click DONATE or visit www.invisiyouthcharity.com/donate to do that) OR by purchasing one of our InvisiYouth Subtle Activist Color-Block Bracelets at InvisiYouth Charity Shop, exclusively on Etsy!

That’s right, our homemade and chic bracelets are back on sale for ONLY $4 (with FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING) and when you buy one (or a few!), that means 100% of your purchase will be donated to funding our nonprofit’s free programming! So visit our Etsy Shop to place your order: www.etsy.com/shop/invisiyouthcharity

Now…WHY should you donate to InvisiYouth Charity and encourage others in your life to do the same? InvisiYouth provides our monthly resources and programming all year long for FREE for deserving teens and young adults living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. With our mission of empowering them in all the non-medical aspects of their lives so they can adapt to thrive with any health struggles! But we need your help to continue doing this!

And when you donate to InvisiYouth, 100% goes directly toward these programs and resources remaining free so your money directly impacts this deserving community! And with I’m 4 Love matching the first $400 donations, you are making TWICE the impact too!

We need your help, the help of your support network and the help of your followers to keep InvisiYouth Charity and its resources going! 

Please DONATE or SHOP on our Etsy store by News Years Eve! And definitely tell a friend you think could help spread the word!