InvisiYouth Joins England’s Superhero Series and First UK Inclusive Disability Adaptive Sporting Event as Charity Friend

By Dominique Viel

March 22, 2017

This August 19th, InvisiYouth Charity is heading to England to be part of the Superhero Series Event, the first inclusive disability and adaptive sporting event series in the United Kingdom! The event, creating from the passion of para-triathlete Sophia Warner, Superhero Series is all about discovering your inner superpower and raising so much awareness on bringing adaptive sports to the general public.

This event will encompass three disability sports, swimming, running and cycling, where different teams of people with disabilities and chronic illness, along with their supporters of friends and family, will work together to complete these events. It’s like an adaptive triathlon where the competitor gets to call the shots on how they compete!

The setting perfectly reflects the mindset of embracing the inner superheroes of individuals with disabilities: Dorney Lake.

The home of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic rowing competitions! Now the home of a gorgeous parkland, Dorney Lake will make every person feel the competitive flare in the air.

InvisiYouth Charity has constantly expressed their love and support of disability sports, loving the way adaptive athletics can play such a critical role in the life of a teen/young adult living with chronic illness. Oftentimes, adaptive sports are not brought to the mainstream attention of youth with illness, and InvisiYouth sees the benefits of bringing dedication, strengthening of the body and mind, and youthful groups of people together through sport. It is a powerful force that needs more attention and support group to it!

And now InvisiYouth Charity is joining Superhero Series as a Charity Friend in the sport event series with their own group of teams! As a Charity Friend, InvisiYouth will be building six teams of UK supporters to transform into a mega-team of sport chronic illness youth and their family and friends! Each team consists of three people, one member having an illness/disability, where one member will be competing in each of the three sporting events, with assistance if needed. It’s a fun combination of youth with illness along with their choice of family and friends that will be their teammates and support throughout the sport series. The events for each charity team will be include the 1km run (push/be pushed), 3km bike, and 150m swim!

We are still looking for UK supporters to join our teams so if you are interested, or know anyone that would be interested, we would love to have you make a team with friends/family!

Any English youth who lives with a chronic illness, whether it is physical or mental, visible or invisible, is welcome to join!

And with our six teams, there is the opportunity to support the athletes supporting us and our mission! Whether you are an individual, a group or a company, you can contact us, and enquire about helping fundraise for our teams and charity! Two major goals for our teams is to fundraise our InvisiYouth and expand mainstream youth illness empowerment while having fun in adaptive sports.

What makes this experience more fantastic for the InvisiYouth? Founder Dominique and a couple InvisiYouth Charity staff will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean to England for the Superhero Series Event! We want to meet as many of our British supporters, and as many youth illness charities as possible, so contact us to enquire if you would like to set up a meeting. It will be an InvisiYouth UK Takeover!