InvisiYouth Partners with Quirk Books on marketing promotion for debut YA novel

May 3, 2022

InvisiYouth Charity has set up a marketing partnership with the American publisher, Quirk Books, through our video podcast chat show, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions, and a fundraiser giveaway. And it’s in celebration of one of their debut YA authors, Kristen O’Neal, who is also a chronically ill young adult author!

Thanks to our podcast guest Kristen O’Neal from Season 4 Episode 44 and her publisher at Quirk Books, we have not only collaborated on a marketing partnership talking about her new paperback edition of her debut YA novel, “Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses” on a podcast episode, but there’s a giveaway!

We also have a book fundraiser giveaway and you’ll want a copy of this incredibly witty, impactful and diverse book! And Quirk and Kristen have generously donated three signed copies of her book for this giveaway so you have plenty of chance to get a copy and help out our nonprofit!

How to win, it’s easy! Make a donation of ANY AMOUNT on our website by June 30th and you’re entered to win! Even if it’s a $1 or $5 donation, every donation counts! Plus, if your donation is over $10, you earn a double entry!

Please be sure to enter for this fundraiser giveaway and share it with someone you know that’s a book lover!

Also, make sure you check out Episode 44 with founder Dominique and Kristen O’Neal as she talks about how she created the concept of her sci-fyi coming of age story, how she developed the ideas of having a characters list and protagonist with chronic illnesses, the ways in which Kristen’s own chronic illness journey influenced the way she wanted to incorporate authentic storytelling, and why it’s super valuable to have more diverse authors and storylines in young adult novels.