New Jersey Music Store Makes Donation of All Proceeds From Spring Fundraiser Recital to InvisiYouth Charity

By Dominique Viel

May 27, 2017

This weekend, InvisiYouth Charity was selected to be the charity of choice for the Music Forever Spring Recital. Hosted in New Jersey, this music store, born from the iconic NJ music store Lou Rose Music Center, has over 180 students ranging from 5-70 years of age and teaches instruments from guitar, drums, and piano, to ukulele, cello, saxophone, and flute, and everything in-between.

It’s a hands on, family-orientated music store that takes such immense pride in developing passionate lovers of music.

InvisiYouth Charity was beyond thrilled to be accepted as the charity recipient of all the proceeds from the recital and kind donations from many of the families and friends in the audience. Our founder, Dominique Viel, is a fellow New Jersey native and loves the support InvisiYouth receives from the Garden State.

Even more so, it is the connection of music that drove Music Forever and InvisiYouth Charity to collaborate for adaptive therapy programs and activities, especially when it comes to all the arts. The charity has witnessed the benefits of music therapy firsthand and constantly advocates to their teen and young adult patient supporters to look into music programs. It was this advocacy for music that intrigued Music Forever to make InvisiYouth this charity of choice.

Whether physically assistive for their needs or recovery plans, or just cathartic programs, music therapy is something that anyone, healthy or living with illness, should have in their lives.

It has been InvisiYouth’s goal to bring this mission of different lifestyle hacks for the chronic illness community to the forefront, so the platform to speak to dozens and dozens of young people who have a passion for music was a major benefit.

Our founder, Dominique Viel, got to attend the recitals, speaking to the crowds about InvisIYouth and how others can get involved and help.

Through her own experiences as a former ‘teen spoonie’ Dominique is able to connect to the young people and give firsthand leadership behind helping teens and young adults with chronic illness navigate life with illness.

InvisiYouth was able to connect with lots of young people and parents about our work, getting more people involved. As if there a better way to end the fundraiser day than great music, InvisiYouth was given a check (a very large check, actually) with a donation of ALL the proceeds from the recitals.

InvisiYouth Charity was given a check of over $1,110 where 100% of the funds will be used for InvisIYouth’s currently developing lifestyle programs. 

Beyond speechless and a humbling moment for our founder, who was able to be given the check in front of the entire audience of young people, family and friends.

It is fundraisers like this one, moments where InvisiYouth Charity gets to interact with young people and families, to share with more people how we want to assist and motivate youth with chronic illness and advocate for and alongside them to have platforms to live their best lives.

If you would like to host a fundraiser for InvisiYouth Charity like this one, or have our founder Dominique Viel as a guest speaker at your next event, please contact us.