Season Four of InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Video Podcast Chat Show Starts Today​

January 14, 2022​

Jumping right back into the swing of virtual programming with an all new season of our popular series, #InvisiYouthChatSessions: A Video Podcast Series!

Settling in for Season 4, there are going to be some major upgrades to our virtual program, but we’ll be keeping lots of the same so that classic feel will still remain.

It’s our fusion of entertainment and education with this monthly video podcast series!

And we need YOUR HELP to take our podcast to the next level!

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4 Reasons to Subscribe to Season 4:

  1. Season 4 is STACKED with special guests that you’re gonna learn so much life advice, funny stories, and major empowerment tips.
  2. We’ve got upgrades to our set and mics, so you’re gonna hear host Dominique way clearer, and have a pretty set to look at (if you watch the YouTube show)
    We’re doing snappier takes on our returning segments, so taking the old and giving them a refresh you’ll love.
  3. Brand new humor and structure of our chat show you’ll wanna check out each month, PLUS it’s getting a new sibling podcast episode so you’ll be getting TWO podcast episodes each month (more on that later!)
  4. Excited for a new season of the video podcast series, and its latest episode will drop later this month!