Support InvisiYouth's New Charitable Donation Partnership with Rare Patient Voice

July 15, 2022

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT for the future of InvisiYouth Charity! Our nonprofit organization is excited to announce its partnership with another international organization, Rare Patient Voice as one of their new Referral Partners! And it’s a partnership YOU can be part of that’ll support InvisiYouth by giving back to our organization!

RPV gives patients and caregivers a platform to voice their opinions through surveys and interviews! They’re global and work with young people so all the people part of InvisiYouth in the eight countries we work in can be part of supporting InvisiYouth as a referral partner.

And all it takes is one thing!

When any individual signs up with RPV for free with OUR PRE-MADE LINK to take part in future surveys from Rare Patient Voice, InvisiYouth will receive a $10 donation per person that signs up.

You can choose to be part of any surveys in the future, but that sign up with RPV for free makes a donation to InvisiYouth!

We are super excited to collaborate and work with Rare Patient Voice and excited to be a referral partner!

Also, another fun collaboration with our new partners at RPV! Founder Dominique has been featured in one of their Instagram Spotlight Feature stories, so go check it out on Instagram.