InvisiYouth Announces its Latest Digital Resource for the Relaunch, InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets

May 3, 2022​

Introducing the third digital resource being added to our free virtual programs, InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets! Most saveable resource that’ll give you that boost to keep mastering your life while you’re enjoying it, no assignments needed.

digital life guidesheets

Our new monthly digital resource will correspond directly to the provided tools given in our InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary and InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Audio Flash Files for that month, so you’re getting adapted content to listen to, read, watch and/or download…all based on how it’s easiest for you to absorb content.

Providing tangible tools, education and mindsets focused on improving all the different non-medical aspects of life so success and joy can thrive throughout.

You’ll gain realistic skills you can implement and interpret to the unique ways you live your life with your individualized manifestation of your chronic illness/disability.

Life is filled with enough challenges, homework assignments, work deadlines, hobbies and social/family hangouts…so why give you additional projects to do in order to improve your daily quality of life.

At InvisiYouth, a minimalist and humorous approach to finding your success and joy with health struggles is priority, and this digital resource is one you can save/download/share so you can absorb it and utilize it in your life.

Make sure that you either download the full PDF on our new webpage, or save any of the post on our Instagram page.