InvisiYouth Announces Its Partnership with new Streetwear Brand, Nice Genes

February 2, 2021

The InvisiYouth Charity team is excited to announce its partnership with the new streetwear brand, Nice Genes, as one of our new charitable sponsors.  What is unique about this apparel brand is its focus to connect since with youth culture so this next generation can become science advocates. Nice Genes has a goal to support the diverse community that is bringing awareness and aid to those of the rare disease community, and that creates a culture of next generation advocates positively impacting our world.

Founder and creator of Nice Genes, Jason Hong has made philanthropy an integral part of the apparel and merchandise he creates.  They partner with other organizations like National Organization for Rare Disorders, so we are grateful to join the Nice Genes community.

“Nice Genes is dedicated to making a positive impact for all by donating all of our profits to nonprofit organizations in need. …Customers have the option of choosing any nonprofit organization to donate to. If section is not filled, donations will be made to National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) and InvisiYouth.

When you purchase any of their merchandise, you get to donate 100% of their profits to InvisiYouth by simply typing in our name during your shopping selection. And if the section isn’t filled in, donations are divided between InvisiYouth and NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders), so all products donated to organizations in need!

It is beyond exciting to get to mutually support this rare disease community by working with Nice Genes, and we love their apparel, so we know that you will also enjoy buying their merchandise to add to your collection, from their hoodies and sweatshirts, to t-shirts and hats.

Their hoodies and sweatshirts have great streetwear designs that you’ll love to wear, and their t-shirts and hats give you a variety of color options at great prices so you will be able to find something immediately to add to your wardrobe!

InvisiYouth prides itself on charitable sponsorship with brands that want to support our programs and resources aiding young adults in the chronic illness and disability community, and that is why we are honored to have Nice Genes partnering with InvisiYouth,” Dominique Viel, founder and executive director of InvisiYouth Charity states. We are thankful for the continuous financial support that our partnership with Nice Genes will bring, and we are excited to begin mutually supporting one another’s project and collaborate even more in the future as their brands grows.

Please show some InvisiYouth love to Nice Genes and buy their products today and choose InvisiYouth as the nonprofit organization to donate to in your shopping experience because when you get a cool product from Nice Genes, you are financially supporting InvisiYouth!