InvisiYouth Charity Shop Opens with first limited edition bracelets

November 30, 2021

After months of preparation, InvisiYouth launches the INVISIYOUTH CHARITY SHOP, featured on Etsy!

Welcome to the INVISIYOUTH CHARITY SHOP, featured on our Etsy store! A place where all the merch donates 100% of sales to InvisiYouth’s programs/resources AND you’re getting items that fuel our #subtleactivism vibe so you can raise awareness in a chic, minimalist way.

Buy yourself or someone you adore an InvisiYouth’s Subtle Activist Color Block Bracelet! These handmade bracelets are affordable, minimalist in style with our color-block yellow-grey style, gender neutral, adjustable and a great addition to any outfit!

Every bracelet is $4 and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE with 100% of sales being donated to InvisiYouth’s program and resources that we provide for FREE year-round. So when you buy a bracelet, you’re essentially making a donation and getting a gift in return!

PLUS: EVERY bracelet is made and packaged by young adults living with chronic illness and disability in our community, so you’re supporting our nonprofit and supporting these hardworking volunteers!

And until January 31st, we’re matching our donations with bracelet giveaways! So if you donate any amount over $5 on our website (WWW.INVISIYOUTHCHARITY.COM/DONATE ), our team will give away one of our limited edition bracelets to a young person living with chronic illness/disability. So you can buy a bracelet…or a few…or make a donation so a bracelet can be donated to a deserving young person!

We want to SELL OUT of our limited edition subtle activist color-block bracelets, because every bracelet can be added to your collection and get the curiosity of others moving so you can raise awareness on the young adult chronic illness/disability community! One of our volunteers part of the shop team stated:

“For those introverts and ally supporters, buying a bracelet is a great way to support the community of young people living with chronic illnesses like me without making a large statement!”

Buy at www.etsy.com/shop/invisiyouthcharity and make sure to share our shop so more people can place their orders too! We thank you for your generosity, your support, and all your love for helping us raise awareness, raise funds, and provide more opportunities to the young adult chronic illness/disability community!

Please show some InvisiYouth love the InvisiYouth Charity Shop and buy our bracelet TODAY so you can make a direct impact supporting our small nonprofit and the young adults living with chronic illnesses and disabilities around the world that thrive when utilizing our free programs and resources!