InvisiYouth Responds to COVID19 Outbreak with New Miniseries on Instagram Live

April 7, 2020

In response to the global COVID19 Pandemic, many of InvisiYouth’s young adults have needed weeks of quarantine and self-isolation to preserve their health and safety. And our virtual program, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions, is on temporary hiatus due to NYC’s shutdown. To keep supporting our community’s need for enlightenment and life management, InvisiYouth has created a miniseries, InvisiYouth’s Quarantine Coffee Break, available on Instagram Live.

It has been weeks for many of us living in this era of social distancing and quarantining, so it’s no surprise that for the chronic illness and disability community have needed to juggle a lot lately. Everywhere we look, there’s news about the COVID19 Pandemic, whether it’s updates on cases, symptoms to watch, or the severity of the virus. Hearing all of this can bring some worries, anxiety and restlessness.

So, it was vital for InvisiYouth to provide a virtual program that would bring some lightness, laughs and empowering ideas into your days at home. And since our video podcast series, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions—which films in NYC—needed to go on temporary hiatus, we had to get creative.

Thus, the creation of our new mini-series, InvisiYouth’s Quarantine Coffee Break, only available on our Instagram!!

Our team did not want to add to the stressors you’re feeling, and we are adamant that your medical advice should be coming from your health professional. As a result, our mini-series will ONLY be brightening up your days in the style of our podcast show, but in a jam-packed 20-minute chat show. You deserve to laugh, smile and feel motivated while staying safe and staying home, and InvisiYouth is providing you that!

Hosted by our wonderful founder, Dominique Viel, from her home in New Jersey, she’ll be virtually hanging out with some of her mega-talented friends as different special guests for each episode. So why not take a break, drink your favorite beverage, and enjoy new episodes EVERY WEEK!

They’ll be INSTAGRAM LIVE episodes that we’re hopefully saving to be IGTV videos too.  Our first episode will drop Friday, April 10th at 1pm EST, with British Lifestyle, Chronic Illness and Fitness blogger, Ali Hemsley, and we’ll keep you updated to catch each episode!