InvisiYouth Announces Its Partnership with New Beauty Brand, I’m 4 Love

June 1, 2020

The InvisiYouth Charity team is proud and excited to announce its partnership with the new beauty brand, I’M 4 LOVE. A line of makeup that will not only hold its ingredients in high regard but also their belief that beauty and love are synonymous and need to be celebrated in all its diversity and uniqueness.

Created by the owner Lydia Smith, someone with backgrounds in nursing and a love of makeup, this beauty brand will be filled with products that make you look and feel as beautiful as your soul.

Their first product is True Lips Moisturizing Stick–a sheer glossy formula that shines, conditions and plumps your lips. Plus, you can wear it alone or with your favorite lip color, so this moisturizing stick is something you will want to add to your daily routine! And more lip colors will be coming, so get started with True Lips Moisturizing Stick and a portion of sales will be donated to support InvisiYouth.

When the partnership was announced, Smith stated:

“Our long-term goal is to start the I’M 4 LOVE Foundation, but in the meantime through our sales, we support women-run organizations with a message of love. We are honored to partner with InvisiYouth Charity, founded by the radiant Dominique Viel.”

InvisiYouth prides itself on gaining charitable sponsorship with brands that want to support our platform and programs aiding young adults in the chronic illness and disability community. To have the blessing of financial support from brands that believe in helping our mission for these deserving young people to have tools, programs and empowerment to thrive in the present with any health struggles is our ultimate goal.

And I’M 4 LOVE is a brand that is really utilizing their reach of the beauty consumers to let them buy products that will have a ripple effect of positive great good.

Please show some InvisiYouth love to I’M 4 LOVE and buy their products because each of your purchases will be able financially support InvisiYouth.

And by supporting both InvisiYouth and I’M 4 LOVE, you will be assisting both our brands to have a greater impact on women in the world. A major thank you to our new brand partnership, I’M 4 LOVE!