InvisiYouth’s Popular Leadership Program Returns for its Third Year

August 31, 2020

We are proud to announce that we are entering our third annual #GlobalBrandLeaders Program with the class of 2020-2021!

InvisiYouth’s adores this creative leadership program because it is a way to not only work with such talented and passionate young adults around the world, but also our way to showcase the varieties of ways young people can thrive in life with any chronic illness or disability.

Specializing in activism, virtual advocacy, fundraising and motivation, all of our Global Brand Leaders are the epitome of what InvisiYouth Charity stands for, and why we’re a nonprofit supporting the “medically adult-ish™” to have access to virtual programs, resources and fun events that’ll guide them to keep thriving in life with any health struggles.

From Paralympians, YouTubers, dancers, models, wellness gurus, entrepreneurs, cooks, social media marketers, podcasters, writers, photographers, university students, teachers, public speakers, high school scholars, singers, actors, and political activists, our GBL group is diverse, unique and filled with warriors.

Our new class of game-changers will bring together some familiar faces and many new faces. With the popularity of InvisiYouth’s Global Brand Leaders Program growing immensely this year, research within the InvisiYouth team began in January, and founder Dominique made the executive decision to divide our GBL Program into three levels, or the three tiers. Our most elite tier, the #GBLApprentices who are returning GBLs from previous years and will be taking a full year long internship-style role with InvisiYouth’s leadership. Our familiar faces will be found in tier two with the #GBLAllStars who are going to be just has involved in all the fun of the GBL Program but take on that special mentorship role in the community since they have been selected to return and show off their amazing advocacy skills they’ve learned. And you have tier three, our #GBLAmbassadors which are all of the new game-changers that are taking their first steps into our GBL Program and learning all we have about community-building, advocacy, fundraising and marketing.

This year, InvisiYouth is also growing our leadership program into a new country with GBLs coming from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom including England, Scotland and Wales, Australia and our newest addition… New Zealand!

That is SEVEN countries with InvisiYouth Global Brand Leaders!

Over the past two months, our social media platforms have been introducing our elite GBL Apprentices, our returning GBL All Stars, and our new GBL Ambassadors. On our newly renovated webpages in the “InvisiYouth Community” you will see separate pages for each of our groups, so please click on their names above to learn more.

You’ll be seeing all the waves of change we can bring when united in our invincible InvisiYouth community! We are about to kick some serious ass with this group of badass women because it’s time to shatter the stigmas of what chronic illness, mental health and disability are ‘supposed’ to look and be like. It’s the 3rd Annual InvisiYouth’s Global Brand Leaders Program!