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Beauty Brand I'm 4 Love Does Donation Match Through End of 2022 in Support of InvisiYouth's Fundraiser Campaign​

InvisiYouth’s charitable sponsor, I’m 4 Love, has graciously agreed to match donations to our nonprofit, starting on Giving Tuesday and ending on New Years Eve! That’s right, any donation to our organization will be doubled, so anyone can make twice the difference this holiday season!

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Introducing the New and Flexible Volunteer Program, InvisiYouth's Freestyle Volunteers

Introducing the InvisiYouth Freestyle Volunteers Program! Volunteering for a good cause has never been so easy! With a quick sign up, you're notified of volunteer projects (anything from social media shares, fundraising, activism campaigns, program and outreach support, etc) and you select based on your interests, free time and how you feel. It's all about giving back in quick ways.

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Support InvisiYouth's New Partnership with Rare Patient Voice

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT for the future of InvisiYouth Charity! Our nonprofit organization is excited to announce its partnership with another international organization, Rare Patient Voice as one of their new Referral Partners! And it's a partnership YOU can be part of that'll support InvisiYouth by giving back to our organization!

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Introducing the Final Addition to InvisiYouth 2.0' Relaunch of Virtual Programming, Galaxy Hub by InvisiYouth

Introducing the #GalaxyHub by InvisiYouth, our nonprofit's first interactive and virtual community newsletter! Level up by joining the hub for young people wanting all the life-improving and rebel game-changing resources and projects in your "medically adult-ish" chronic illness and disability life!

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InvisiYouth Partners with Quirk Books on marketing promotion for debut YA novel​

InvisiYouth Charity has set up a marketing partnership with the American publisher, Quirk Books, through our video podcast chat show, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions, and a fundraiser giveaway. And it's in celebration of one of their debut YA authors, Kristen O'Neal, who is also a chronically ill young adult author!

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InvisiYouth Announces its Latest Digital Resource for the Relaunch, InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets​

Introducing the third digital resource being added to our free virtual programs, InvisiYouth Digital Life Guidesheets! Most saveable resource that'll give you that boost to keep mastering your life while you're enjoying it, no assignments needed.

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Another Addition to InvisiYouth's 2.0 Relaunch in Digital Resources with it's audio program, IYCS: Audio Flash Files​

Introducing an audio program to our new slate of our virtual programming with our digital resources, it's InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Audio Flash Files! Get the most chill life advice and creative mindsets that'll provide tools to improve your success and joy in daily life in under 20 minutes.

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Introducing InvisiYouth's First Addition to its New Digital Resources, InvisiYouth Galaxy Glossary​

Introducing the #InvisiYouthGalaxyGlossary! A dictionary to improve your daily life that's never looked so cool! Our digital resource provides practical advice for living life with chronic illness/disability as young adults.

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Season Four of InvisiYouth Chat Sessions: Video Podcast Chat Show Starts Today​

Jumping right back into the swing of virtual programming with an all new season of our popular series, #InvisiYouthChatSessions: A Video Podcast Series! ettling in for Season 4, there are going to be some major upgrades to our virtual program, but we'll be keeping lots of the same so that classic feel will still remain.

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InvisiYouth Charity Shop Opens with first limited edition bracelets

November 30, 2021 After months of preparation, InvisiYouth launches the INVISIYOUTH CHARITY SHOP, featured on Etsy! Welcome to the INVISIYOUTH CHARITY SHOP, featured on our Etsy store! A place where all the merch donates 100% of sales to InvisiYouth’s programs/resources AND you’re getting items that fuel our #subtleactivism vibe so you can raise awareness in a chic, minimalist […]

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